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Mobile App Development with Flutter
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Undoubtedly, the world is revolving around the digital experience and on-demand applications, which have become an integral part of our lives today. If you are a bootstrapper and planning to launch a mobile app but still in a dilemma about which cross-platform framework you should choose in 2021?

Flutter is an open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) launched by Google to develop robust, scalable and high-performing mobile apps for multiple operating systems by using a single codebase.
Flutter is the complete UI kit that allows developers to develop high-scale applications with the best typography, icons and scrolling behaviours.

Flutter is the baby of Google and based on Dart Language, so you can’t overlook its potential and extensive features that can help you develop apps that equally perform like native apps. Even developers with the knowledge of Javascript, Java, C++ and Objective should also try our Flutter to determine the real power of this language.

Join our virtual meetup as we learn about flutter and how to build mobile applications with it.

Watch the full meetup here