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The Rise Of conversational Interfaces
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The rise of conversational interfaces enables new ways of interaction between humans and technology. The ideal way of communication with these devices are visual interactors. But now we are staring into a future composed not just of visual interfaces, but of conversational ones as well. A Conversational Interface (sometimes shortened to CUI, is any interface in a human language. It is tipped to be a more natural interface for the general public than the Graphic User Interface GUI, which front end developers are accustomed to building. A GUI requires humans to learn its specific syntaxes of the interface (think buttons, sliders, and drop-downs).

This key difference in using human language makes CUI more natural for people; it requires little knowledge and puts the burden of understanding on the device.

Commonly CUIs comes in two guises: Chatbots and Voice Assistants. Both have seen a massive rise in uptake over the last decade thanks to advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Join our virtual meetup as we learn about voice interfaces and how to build them in Amazon's Alexa.

Watch the full meetup here