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    Roomie is a hostel registration and room selection system designed to solve the problem of stressful inconvenience encountered by students when registering for hostels on or off the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) campus.

    This system exists in two major dimensions which are synced:

    The first dimension is the browser web app, which is a site from which students can select hostels, as well as their rooms from a browser (such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) on any computer with internet access. Also, payments can be made online using various mobile money and internet banking platforms.

    The second dimension is the mobile app, which may be for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile apps, etc. This app will have all the functionality of the web app and a few extra features, chief of which will be its notifications. The user of the app will be notified about availability of rooms as and when they are made available, whether or not he/she is actively using the app at that time.

    The whole system will give users and idea of what their prospective rooms look like using images from our database of all rooms covered. It will also provide a platform for all users to log complaints which will be delivered directly to hostel management. This removes the problem of hostel residents having to chase hostel managers around just to make their complaints known.

    The system will benefit both hostel management and students, since practically everything will be done electronically, eliminating human inefficiency, bias and corruption.

    This system can be scaled up to serve in hotels and other areas of the hospitality and tourism industry.

    The system will generate revenue from downloads, advertisements and a small added cost to mobile transactions made. Registration and download of the app however will be free, with download payments and advertisement payments coming from the app stores and advertisers respectively.

    Management Team

    The Roomie system was created by Team Idea Divine and is managed by the team.

    The team consists of:

    Kwadwo Agyapon-Ntra – Chief Executive Officer
    Clement Nartey – Programming Head
    Michael Ambrose Affare – Financial Advisor
    Vanessa Gbekor – Database Administrator
    Tonye Tariah – Data Resource Management

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