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    Course related materials are not readily available to students. This has brought about a poor performances due to the bad approach to studies when it comes to research on the parts of the students. Students rely solely on the handouts received from their lecturers. This only helps up to an extent since varied textbooks and course related materials will have a different approach to each problem which could be better and more comfortable to a student or another.

    TXTBUK is a tool design to make studying more easily, efficient and faster. It is a software developed to consist of various textbooks, handouts, articles, voice notes, an interactive section for students, and other fun sections. This is therefore the most complete textbook ever to hit our universities hence the name TXTBUK. We believe all assignments, project works, reports and all other studying activities can be carried out successfully using this software. The software is to be designed for the different operating systems available and thus easily accessible to all students and workers.

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