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    The Engineering and Making Camp (EMC) 2013 commenced on the 15th July, 2013 and lasted a duration of 4 weeks. The first week was used for familiarization with the Fab Lab and its workers. Creativity Group members studied and learned about the Ghana Fab Lab and the usage of various tools & machines with staff members Douglas, Daniel Oppong and Isaac Nyankum. They were also taught about the different electronic component available and their current stock.

    The second week was planned for an educational outreach to the various senior high schools in the Takoradi metropolis. The purpose of this outreach was to inspire and inculcate into students the love for practical application of science and engineering principles. It was meant to challenge the students to think creatively about solving problems as well as raise awareness about the Ghana Fab Lab and available opportunities for them at the lab. Letters were initially sent to these various schools to seek their permission for this outreach initiative. Because of limited time and late responses, the group was able to visit two schools; Ghana Secondary and Technical School (GSTS) and Takoradi Technical Institute (TTI).

    The Arduino tutorials for the Ghana Fab Lab staff also commenced in the second week. The first shipments of electronic components arrived on the Saturday, 27th July. The third week marked the beginning of project building and development. Even though some major components for the two projects had yet to arrive, work nevertheless commence on each of them.

    Creativity Group members also took some time to participate and help with a solar workshop organized by IGERT from the University of Rochester who were being hosted by the Ghana Fab Lab. Members of the Creativity Group and the Fab Lab staff rounded up the projects in the fourth week which also happened to be the last week of the camp. Some of the ordered components were yet to arrive but the projects members found ways to design and fabricate all the necessary parts so that when the extra parts arrived the entire project could be easily assembled. The camp was successfully completed on the 10th August.

    Completed and incomplete projects were transported to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi to enable Creativity Group members to complete them, test them and to create awareness about the Ghana Fab Lab on campus to both students and faculty members. As agreed with the manager, the projects will be returned to the Fab Lab for continuous prototyping and exhibitions to students and visitors. It will also be used to attract and motivate students and makers to start using the lab.

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