We are a team of technology enthusiasts
Creativity group is an open group to all students. It composition varies from engineering, science, social science, business and arts students.
Connect Passions
We help people Tap into their passions to create deeper relationships with their domains of interest.
Immerse Visually
Tell your story using unique creative tools and immersive technologies.
Spark Exploration
Connect with new people and strengthen relationships with existing ones.
How It All Began
A Meeting Of Minds
Jorge Appiah, the founder, and his friends were not new to the practically handicapped educational system that tested your memory and not your understanding. Unlike other people, Jorge did not follow the No Action Talk Only(NATO) formula. He wanted to be the change he wished to see in Africa. The Creativity Group is a result of his brave endeavour.
—George Appiah, Co-Founder of CG
Creativity group is an open group to all students.
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A Singular Focus
At Creativity Group, we believe that a rich learning experience provide a strong liberal arts foundation and deep subject-area expertise.